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Tribeca Review: ‘Roving Woman’ is a road movie with real heart

June 24, 2022

Traveling woman, a Tribeca selection that relies on an eclectic performance by actor, co-writer and casting director Lena Gora, is a strangely engrossing experience. Directed by Michael Chmielewski, with powerful contributions from cinematographer Lukasz Dziedzic, it opens with Sara de Gora moments after she’s been evicted from an apartment.

Even in those first few minutes, as a lingering shot of Los Angeles at night establishes the location, Traveling woman has a combination of enigmatic bohemian chic and cool dumpster fire. A place where couples can argue late at night, break up minutes later, and then reconcile just before dawn. Sara is key to filling that vibe, as she kicks and knocks on an apartment door, watched only by a single static camera.