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Tribeca Review: ‘Cherry’ heralds the arrival of stunning talent

June 26, 2022

Arriving at an off-peak hour and 15 minutes, Cherry rests squarely on the shoulders of Alex Trewhitt; an actress of incredible poise and promise, delivering here a performance that redefines the line in terms of naturalism. Writer/director Sophie Galibert first captures freewheeling in frame on roller skates, backlit by a Los Angeles morning with palm trees, an entry complete with a cover of Nina Simone’s classic ‘I Ain’ t Got No, I Got Life”, which will sway audiences from the start.

Incorporating the LA skyline into his cinematic canvas to tell this contemporary tale, Galibert fully immerses us in a world of sunny sidewalks and eclectic cultures that embrace the diversity of this Hollywood city. A place built on the dreams of pioneers, who peddled moving images and made icons on the big screen, providing a temporary escape for anyone who wanted to watch.