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The Terrifying 2 Bedroom Scene Explained – Damien Leone’s Art, Clown Brutality, Is It Necessary?

October 28, 2022
Terrifying 2

Damien Leone’s splatterfest Terrifier 2 has been getting a lot of buzz lately due to its seemingly over-the-top glorification of violence and gore featured throughout its long 138-minute runtime. The film particularly gained popularity after several reports of moviegoers vomiting and fainting upon seeing the film in cinemas. But is Terrifier 2 simply a collection of brutal murders and a celebration of blood, guts and gore, or is there more story meat at your fingertips? Here’s your cheat sheet for Terrifier 2 explained.

The story of Terrifier 2

Narratively, Terrifier 2 is a direct continuation of 2017’s Terrifier and immediately picks up where its predecessor left off, which might feel a bit jarring at first for people who haven’t seen the first film. However, this is not an inherent problem as the film gives viewers enough context for the key plot points that occurred from the previous film in its very long running time.

At almost two and a half hours in length, Terrifier 2 is probably one of the longest slasher movies in recent memory. That being said, the film wastes absolutely no time indulging you in its brutality with an intensely graphic opening scene within the first 5 minutes of the film. Terrifier 2 lets you step into its world almost immediately, and you know exactly what kind of movie you’re heading into from the first kill. It’s gory, gory, and nasty as hell.

One of the many complaints about 2017’s Terrifier was that it didn’t really have an actual plot and was more of a showcase of how visceral the art of clowning can be. Fans would be happy to know that unlike that movie, Terrifier 2 actually has a plot, and the movie takes its time to develop its characters, especially the character of Sienna Shaw, who is excellently played by Lauren LaVera. Much of the film is dedicated to getting the audience to connect with Siena. The film also spends time building the mythology behind Art the Clown, so much so that nearly half of the film’s runtime is spent building the world and its characters. It’s a smart decision that serves the film well.

Terrifying 2

The Terrifier 2’s infamous bedroom scene

One scene, in particular, making the rounds on social media is the extremely graphic bedroom scene. It’s certainly one of the most grotesque torture scenes ever filmed, and it’s easy to see why people have trouble sitting down.

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Before the intensely brutal 3-minute scene, we see Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton reprising his very famous role) visiting Allie (Casey Hartnett) where he poses as an adult deceiver. Taken by surprise, Allie recognizes the creepy clown as she had previously met him at a costume store and refuses to give him candy. However, Art persists and begins knocking on her front door, which pisses Allie off. In a moment of anger, Allie opens the door and throws candy at him, and peeks into his black trash bag, revealing his bloody tools. This surprises her, causing her to immediately lock the doors.

Later that night, Allie finds her house broken into by the demon clown himself. He chases her around the house, leading to the bedroom – and that’s the start of his inevitable demise. The art begins by scalping her as the blood runs down her face. He then twists her arm and rips it from her body, then cuts off her breasts. What makes this watch uncomfortable is that you hear Allie’s agonizing screams throughout the scene and feel exactly what she’s going through. The scene continues with Art breaking his leg bones and stepping on his feet, then seemingly leaving the room.

With the brief time alone she has, Allie does her best to crawl to her dresser to grab her phone and call for help. The scene really makes you attached to her, and she’s only a few fingers away from her phone before Art bursts into the room again. This time, however, he pours a generous amount of salt on his hands and rubs it on Allie’s bleeding, exposed flesh. And it doesn’t stop there either. He proceeds to pour bleach on her. Later that night, Allie’s mother comes home, only to find her precious daughter flayed, mutilated, and displayed on the bed as an Art the Clown display piece.

Now, you might wonder why such a visceral scene like this was necessary. Or why did the filmmakers decide to show us such brutality in excruciating detail? Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple – it’s a movie made for gorehounds. Horror is essentially escapism, and scenes like this, while difficult to experience, sometimes provide a sense of comfort. Although it may seem counterintuitive, horror does indeed bring people comfort.

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The gore of the terrifying 2

Don’t confuse this movie with just another slasher movie because when it’s time to get bloody, it gets extremely bloody. Due to the grindhouse nature of the film, the gore presented on screen is reflective of this genre of film. So, it’s not necessarily super realistic per se. According to movies of this ilk, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

Now, this is in no way intended to belittle the impressive and incredible practical effects achieved by the special effects team behind the film, as there is a certain charm to seeing latex prosthetics ripped apart with copious amounts of fake blood. that springs from it – it’s undoubtedly far better than any computer-generated effect that’s been overused to death in recent years! But it takes away some of the tension while you’re watching the movie, which in this particular movie might be a good thing.

Latex and makeup aside, Terrifier 2 brings the age-old question back to the forefront of many moviegoers’ minds – was it necessary to show so much brutal violence on screen? The answer to this question may vary from person to person, but in defense of this movie, it’s safe to say that, yes, this level of brutality was necessary. It’s always wise to know what type of movie you’re watching before you get into it, and in that respect Terrifier 2 is a celebration and homage to ’80s slashers. were fans of those kinds of movies, and the movie was made for those particular fans.

Terrifier 2 makes a point of showing the brutality of Art the Clown without ever shy away from his kills. This supernatural monster likes to torture its victims and, as its name suggests, treats them like art projects.

Old school meets art school

In an interview with Dread Central, writer-director Damien Leone (who is also an editor, sound designer, and special and visual effects artist) said he was inspired by a photo of one of Jack’s victims. the Ripper where he had the victim’s corpse displayed on a bed for a murder sequence in the film. Admittedly, this sequence was probably the most intense sequence in the entire film, rivaling the infamous “hacksaw” scene from the first film. It’s hard to sit in, but made so well you can’t look away, like a car crash.

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There’s a lot to like about Terrifier 2, but the execution is definitely not one of them. Many scenes could have benefited from a few shaved seconds here and there, which would have tightened up the editing and improved the film’s pacing.

The film also attempts to expand on the mythology of Art the Clown by introducing supernatural elements to the character, but it’s not detailed enough. As a result, it may confuse the public. Maybe the filmmakers plan to expand that into a sequel. With the film’s well-documented success, it probably is. As it stands, however, these plot points don’t really make sense. But again, having logical things in a movie like this might be a long way off.

In summary, Terrifier 2 absolutely delivers what it set out to do. It’s gory, it’s campy, and it’s just a lot of fun. At the time of this writing, the film has grossed over $5.2 million against a budget of just $250,000, proving to be a massive success by any measure. It is also proof that it is not necessary to have a colossal budget to create successful effects. Art the Clown may be on his way to becoming the most iconic horror villain of the 2010s,” and it’s certainly a win for the horror genre.

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