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The menu review – a deliciously wild take on the foodie scene

January 16, 2023

The post The Menu Review – A Deliciously Wild Take on the Foodie Scene appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the movie The Menu, which does not contain spoilers.

With stars like Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor Joy in leading roles The menuit is has been making waves on the festival circuit since its premiere at TIFF last September. Written by Seth Reiss and Does Tracy and based on the latter’s personal gastronomic experience, the film was directed by Marc Mylod (known for his work on the likes of Succession and game of thrones). It follows a group of wealthy patrons who find themselves at the mercy of a world-class chef who has finally had enough of his snobby clientele.

The menu review and plot summary

The menu begins with food enthusiast Tyler (Nicolas Hoult) and his date, Margot (Taylor-Joy), as they wait for the boat to take them to a remote island where they will dine at a luxurious and exclusive restaurant run by celebrity chef Julian Slowik (Fiennes). Just as Tyler is about to explode with excitement to try the chef’s food, Margot is pushed away at the price of $1,250 per person. Other guests include a rich and dirty elderly couple, Richard and Anne Leibrandt (Reed Birney and Judith Light), a has-been movie star played by John Leguizamo and his assistant (Aimee Carrero), three young morally bankrupt investors (Marc Saint-Cyr, Arthur Castroand Rob Yang), and, finally, the pretentious food critic Lilian (Janet McTeer) and its editor, Ted (Paul Adelstein).

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Upon their arrival on the remote island, the chef’s butler, Elsa, notes that Margot was not on the original guest list, before showing everyone around. We learn that all restaurant staff live and sleep in Barack style accommodation. The bigoted nature surrounding this mysterious culinary genius becomes apparent when Elsa takes offense at the suggestion that she do more with her life than constantly work for him. In the minimalist dining room, things look weird, but Margot is the only one to notice, while Tyler is captivated by the food being served. Chef Slowik serves his guests a breadless breadboard, tells them horror stories about stabbing his stepfather, and prints his guests’ secrets on fajitas. With each dish served, the night becomes more terrifying and it soon becomes clear that Chef Slowik’s plans for guests have little to do with their taste buds.

The menu is delightfully wild in its portrayal of a world-renowned chef who lost his passion for the craft after his cooking became little more than a way for the elite to show off their status. After years of exclusively caring for the rich, he decides to punish them for… well, for being rich and out of touch, when he’s also rich and out of touch. There is a beautiful hypocrisy in the way Chef Slowik acts superior to his guest, as he proves he is anything but. Ralph Fiennes stars as a deranged chef who has been ingesting his own hype to perfection for far too long.

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Each character is written as a simple cartoonish version of the offline, and it’s all too easy to accept whatever punishment the leader and his team decide they deserve. The regulars, Richard and Anne don’t even pay attention to the meals they spend thousands eating. The washed-up actor is, like Chef Slowik, an artist who sold his talent for money. Lilian, the food critic, has used her sense of smugness to elevate some chefs to the top while destroying the livelihoods of others. The three young investors work for the company which now owns the Slowik’s restaurant. And then there’s Tyler whose fanaticism ultimately takes all the joy out of eating. He’s just too obsessed with understanding the “how” instead of appreciating the art for its own sake.

Since it’s impossible to love or care for any of the guests, the audience is left with Margot, the girl next door, portrayed perfectly by Anya Taylor-Joy. She’s Tyler’s date and the only one who sees the absurdity behind this fancy meal no ordinary human could afford, making her the only character the average viewer can relate to. Margot, however, is a sex worker. Alongside the cult leader and his extremely privileged guests, the prostitute becomes the only morally sound character and the only person the audience can support. This says a lot, not only about the overpriced gourmet food industry, but also about the society in which we all participate.

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Is the movie The Menu any good?

There’s a lot to like The menu. Unbalanced with its “eat the rich” metaphor, the film is dark and funny and the actors, especially the protagonists, give top-notch performances. It’s the type of movie worth watching over and over again, only to peel back more hidden layers each time.

What did you think of the movie The Menu? Comments below.

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The post The Menu Review – A Deliciously Wild Take on the Foodie Scene appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.