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The Drop Review – an unfortunately not funny comedy

January 15, 2023

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This Hulu movie review The Drop contains no spoilers.

comedies are harder to achieve than most people think. Because humor is so subjective, what works for one person may often not work for another. It means that HuluThe line of comedy movies has always been a gamble, but they keep making it. Unfortunately, Drop is ultimately a flop with an interesting premise but poor execution. Carried out by Sarah Adina Smiththe Hulu original features a great cast on a tropical getaway to celebrate their friends’ wedding.

The Drop review and plot summary

The ex (Anna Konkle) and Mani (Jermaine Fowler) are a married couple eager to start their own family, with the encouragement of both their mothers. They dread attending the wedding of their friends Peggy (Jennifer Lafleur) and Mia (Aparna Nancherla), mostly because Lex bakes their cake and writes their vows for them. They fly to the tropical destination for the wedding with their friends Shauna (Robin Thede), an egocentric television actress, her complaining husband Robbie (Utkarsh Ambudkar), and their horny teenage son Levi (Elisha Henig).

Once there, they reunite with their hippie friends Josh (Joshua Leonardwho is also the co-author) and Lindsey (Jillian Bell), the owners of the Mexican resort they hope to convince others to invest in. In groups, friends are even more boring than individually. The key to having a cast of unlovable characters is that they’re still fun to watch, like last year. Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads, but this film takes squeaky comedy to the extreme.

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While everyone is loaded into the van to drive to the resort, Mani and Lex are entrusted with Peggy and Mia’s baby Ani. But, while being distracted by a bee, Lex drops the baby on the concrete. It’s an interesting premise as the couple have to grapple with what Lex’s incompetence with a baby means for their hopes of starting a family. However, the little improvised and absurd intrigues with the other characters give the impression of detracting from the rest of the film.

Drop is sometimes vulgar for fun and also contains scenes that can only be called weird. And if it was done in a clever way, it might be more excusable, but the shooting is nothing more than fixable. The only really clever part is the placement of the movie’s title card.

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Despite its interesting premise and the general popularity of comedies set at destination weddings (like Palm Springs), Drop is ultimately more gritty than entertaining. The actors do their best to save it, but the lack of humor and the fact that it feels sluggish despite its 90-minute runtime drains the film.

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The post The Drop Review – An Sadly Not Funny Comedy appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.