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The Devil Inside 2022 Ending Explained – The Lizards, The Kidnapper & What Was Jeanne?

October 25, 2022

“Have we started yet? says Jeanne, a young psychiatric patient desperate to find out what happened to her one day when she woke up in a pool of her own blood. It’s something you never ask yourself when watching The Devil Within because you spend the majority of the ninety-six minutes trying to catch up.

A young woman wakes up in a pool of her own blood. She has marks of astigmatism on her arms and legs, and her head is bleeding as if she had a thorny crown. She has no idea what happened and had overdosed on drugs at the time. Everyone in her small community is fascinated by her. Some think she has divine providence and seeks her wisdom, while others want to enjoy the show. Is she touched by God, possessed by the Devil, or something even stranger?

2022’s The Devil Within, not to be confused with 2010’s The Devil Within, a slasher about an eighteen-year-old’s birthday party that didn’t end happily for anyone, is a weird movie. It’s a million different things happening simultaneously, and not all of them come together successfully. His father sees a salary and is more than willing to take advantage of an evangelical preacher’s offer against his local Catholic church. The city oscillates between obsessed wonder and fear. His mother is understandably concerned about his mental and physical health. It’s a recipe for disaster and possibly the final battleground between good and evil if we’re smart enough to tell the difference.

Don’t be confused by the title or any religious talk. This movie is not about demons or devils. It’s about what evil and genesis really are. The Devil Within, previously named The Corruption of Divine Providence, is about the capacity for both that lives within us. Or at least it seems to be until a final act twist throws everything into question.

Writer and director Jeremy Torrie was clearly ambitious with The Devil Within. May be too much. The competing and often confusing plot threads were sometimes too convoluted to hold the story together, and by the time the big final reveal arrives, the viewer is almost exhausted by what they’ve seen. Here’s everything you need to know about that confusing ending and what it all means.

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The end of the inner Devil

In the first moments of the film, Jeanne is seen bandaged and bloodied, under hypnosis. She has all the signs of demonic possession. She speaks in guttural tongues with black veins running through her skin and white eyes. When asked what she wants instead of violence and rage, the message is peace. It’s confusing, to say the least. But that’s the least of the crazy things that happen in The Devil Within. a strange man who may or may not exist kidnaps Jeanne thirty minutes into the film and has his own religious agenda. He also appears to be able to heal himself and claims to be immortal. If that’s not enough, the First Nations want an audience with her, believing her to be crucial, and a seer named Juniper Fairweather used her connection to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to locate Joan when she was abducted.

Torrie’s film says a lot about what spirituality is. Is Justice the false man of God screaming from his pulpit about judgment and giving his all while trying to find better ways to take from his followers? Are they gifts from God that come in the form of beloved dogs being reborn and men realizing the error of their ways? Perhaps it is the transcendence of a higher being who only wanted to usher in a better way of being.

After successfully convincing her community to embrace honesty and forgiveness, she traveled to a cornfield, where she built a shrine and disappeared. In its place, a cropping drawing was left. This time an obvious arrow. Was Jeanne indicating that she was going up or was she warning everyone to choose light instead of dark? It was probably both. In any case, with the lizards who were her spiritual guide, Jeanne left our physical plane. Torrie is probably making a statement about what creation is.

Instead of an alien angle, crop circles connect older phenomena like the Nazca Lines in Peru. In more cinematic terms, Jeanne could have tapped into the engineers of the alien universe or a descendant of it. Instead, when the town was unable to receive her gifts, she was forced to leave and wait for another chance. It’s an intriguing thought that would have been better developed as a main idea as opposed to a final shock.

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The Demon WithinCourtesy of White Bear Films

What was Joan?

While speaking at the Pentecostal church led by Peter Wolf, she admits to the church in front of the entire congregation having an affair with a much older married man. As a result, she became pregnant and aborted. She also claimed that her first stigmata wounds were self-inflicted and not divine. Jeanne also levitates. At this point, she begs all religions to unite and find peace. Unfortunately, the congregation and the pastor were terrified of her and believed that everything they saw and heard was evidence of demonic possession. Jeanne speaks with her mother and expresses her concern that she only wants peace and understanding.

Like most spiritual leaders, his actions arouse mistrust and fear. Was she a demon? An angel? Was she an alien? The truth lies in how you view the film. If you think The Devil Within is an examination of faith and spirituality, it doesn’t matter. Finally, Jeanne left a last gift for her mother. She helped her father understand his rage and hopefully control it, and she brought her dog home.

Perhaps our idea of ​​otherworldly beings and aliens is wrong. Maybe they’re the same thing, and we’re not wise enough to understand that. That seems to be the angle Torrie is taking. This would mean that Jeanne is an alien, an angel, a demon and a god according to the definition.

What about lizards and insects in The Devil Within?

Throughout the film, insects and lizards crawl through the fields as strange whisperings are heard. Jeanne claims that they have been hibernating in the ground for ages. She says they were waiting for her. They seem drawn to her and even enter the Pentecostal church in which she speaks. They follow her all over the city along the streets and courtyards, wanting to be near her. The blue-spotted lizards complain that people don’t deserve her. They are his guides. They direct and comfort her when no one else does. The lizards disappear when she does, so they must be tied to the same source as her. No one seems to see them except for Juniper and Jeanne, so they must be spirits and not visible to normal humans.

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Was the kidnapper a demon or something else?

Her kidnapper is a delusional, drooling monster with long, dirty fingernails and definite ideas about who Jeanne is and what she can do. He claims he’s been waiting for him for lifetimes despite his youthful appearance. Stranger still, he heals from self-inflicted wounds in seconds. He laments his inability to die despite his desperate will to do so. The man is gone when Juniper leads Danielle to where she is chained. More worryingly, Jeanne’s hypnosis session draws directly from the man and the conversation she had with him during his abduction.

Something was taking things into this underground bunker, leaving them to rot. Was it a strange animal, a serial killer or a figment of Jeanne’s imagination? Like the lizards in the earth, this being wanted Jeanne for what she could do for him. He thought she could somehow end his suffering by allowing him to die. However, we have no context for where he went or if he existed. As a result, it’s impossible to know for sure, but using The Devil Within’s ending as a guide, it can be inferred that it helped him transcend. This is why he was not later found and why his memory of the events was so flawed. She didn’t fully understand his power yet.

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