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The best WGTC movies of 2021

December 29, 2021

While 2021 will be remembered as the second year in our collective battle against the coronavirus, it has also been a year marked by epic and in some cases groundbreaking films. As nerve-racking as it may be for many of us to go to movie theaters and watch a movie near strangers, millions of viewers haven’t let it stop them from enjoying the movies. novelties of the year.

Fortunately, for those who weren’t quite so ready to venture out, some of the best movies of the year were available to stream from the comfort of their own homes, sometimes as a simultaneous release and other times as exclusive streaming. Whether it’s just one of the many exciting superhero movies of the year, a thrilling new drama, or the origin story of a Disney villain, 2021 has given us plenty of welcome breaks after the pandemic.