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The Best 70s Horror Movies, Ranked

June 25, 2022

The 1970s may have been the best decade for horror ever. So Many Movies That Still Influence Horror Genres movies that are being made today came out during this decade, and it’s also when horror found its mainstream audience. Whether you’re interested in artsy horror films or just want a mean slasher, 1970s horror was vast and catered to a wide variety of different tastes. A few decades since have been able to measure themselves.

ten. the omen

Few horror movies, or really movies of any genre, become the kind of phenomenon that the omen The year was 1976. The film tells the story of a prominent American diplomat and his wife as they adopt a baby and come to realize that he is the son of Satan. the omen is pompous and over the top, but it is undeniably effective. Gregory Peck’s performance as Damien’s father is suitably harried, and the film’s climax, which sees his character nearly succeeding in killing his son, is as tragic as it gets.