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The 10 Most Hated Star Wars Characters

June 30, 2022

star wars is one of the biggest successes of the silver screen. Stories that come to us from a galaxy far, far away continue to inspire legions of fans 40 years after an opening scribble first hit cinema screens. Science fiction changed the moment the text appeared and the fanfare sounded. Audiences had no idea they were about to discover a galaxy of wonders, adventures, and unforgettable characters.

star wars was an immediate multimedia phenomenon, with an onslaught of merchandise fueling childhood affections like the Millennium Falcon starting the Kessel Run. Spin-offs on TV, comics, and video games have continued to add new characters to support those introduced to the big screen. We’ve encountered legendary heroes, hissing villains, and unmistakable icons that will last for centuries, but not everyone has been so popular. Not everyone can be a Han Solo.