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Taiki Waititi sums up ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ as a ‘midlife crisis movie’

May 10, 2022

In the first minutes of the official trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, we hear the hero say, “I need to know exactly who I am,” and it sounds like it’s more than just a comment. Director Taika Waititi says viewers will see Marvel’s Norse God of Thunder going through a real midlife crisis.

The Cross Fit scene should probably have been a clue?

While Waititi will still bring the same whimsical take on Avenger’s thunder lord power that he brought to the franchise’s previous outing, Thor: Ragnarok, love and thunder will deepen what makes the character vibrate. “It’s not a serious movie, and it’s not a drama, but we’re dealing with ideas that I think a lot of humans deal with – universal themes about love and loss and our place around the world,” the director said. Weekly entertainment.

Although Thor and his compatriots won the last battle of Avengers: Endgamethis movie definitely saw Thor at one of his nadirs and Waititi was eager to explore those feelings in this new installment, telling EW:

“It’s kind of like a midlife crisis movie, really. That’s the question we ask everyone: are we doing the right thing and doing everything we can in the world? I think right now, as the world is still recovering from this pandemic, it’s a good question to ask. It’s like, well, are are we doing enough to take care of each other and take care of ourselves?

And so, while we will certainly see the superhero lose his heavier frame of End of Game, it seems that he will also explore other deeper questions about his ultimate goal. This should come in handy when he finds out about his ex’s awesome new job.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens in theaters this summer on July 8.