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Taika Waititi insisted that Thor start having fun in the MCU

June 29, 2022

Everyone was delighted when Thor: RagnArok hit theaters in 2017. The tropey blonde macho of the first two Thor the films tapped into a clumsier, more colorful side of itself and breathed new life into the MCU in the process. Before the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Leading man Chris Hemsworth shares how his director Taika Waititi brought out the fun in the God of Thunder.

“He brought out the immature, youthful, adolescent quality that I embody,” Hemsworth told Vital Thrills. “And Thor is doing it now, which he didn’t do in the original movies, which was exciting and new and fresh,” he continued. Off-screen, Hemsworth is one of Marvel’s most charming stars, with a big smile and words of encouragement always on deck. Waititi recognized this and decided he needed to bring those qualities to Thor.