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‘Spiderhead’ Posts a Pretty Disappointing First Weekend on Netflix

June 24, 2022

spider head, Netflix’s long-awaited sci-fi thriller directed by the legendary Joseph Kosinski, landed on the service on June 17. While the film got off to a good initial start, the film’s popularity quickly plummeted, leading to a very disappointing first few days, especially compared to other films on the platform.

According to figures released by Netflix, spider head came second in the Top 10 English Films chart between June 13 and June 19, despite not being released until June 17. However, despite its second-place finish, the film has only been watched for 35,400,000 hours. While that’s a big number on the surface, it’s not a fantastic result for a film of this magnitude. For example, the best film of the period, Hustle, has been watched for 57,190,000 hours. In addition to the 84,580,000 hours, it was viewed during its launch week. Compare this to another Netflix movie, red notice, which racked up 148,720,000 viewing hours in the first two days of release.