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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” Fan Art Makes Green Goblin Look True To The Comic Book

November 26, 2021

This must-see fan art Spider-Man: No Way Home gives the Green Goblin a more comic book look. Since 2002, Spidey fans have complained about the Raimiverse Green Goblin’s character design, with his purple and green Halloween costume outfit from the source material replaced with all-green metal armor and a mask often compared to Power rangers. With Willem Dafoe returning to the role in the upcoming trio, Marvel has the chance to finally fix the villain’s appearance.

As it happens, it looks like they chose to just recreate the original costume. What appears to be a CG version of the Goblin look has been revealed in marketing, which certainly brings a touch of nostalgia but doesn’t right the wrongs of the past. This modification changes things, however, by restoring the purple of Gobbie’s outfit. As originally shared by u / hulk_thicc_AF on the r / MarvelStudios subreddit, check it out below: