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Sorry for the demon review – a pleasantly campy horror-comedy

February 9, 2023

The post Sorry for the Demon Review – A Pleasantly Campy Horror-Comedy appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Directed by Emily Hagins, we review the horror-comedy movie Shudder Sorry for the Demon (2023), which contains no spoilers.

Relatively new to the streaming market, quiver slowly building a name as a content producer, and Sorry for the demon is a recently released original production written and directed by Emilie Hagins. The indie horror-comedy is Hagins’ second full-length feature, and it premiered last summer at the festival of fear in the UK before finding its way to the streaming platform.

Sorry for the demon review and plot summary

Sorry for the demon begins with the youngest of the seller’s family, Grace (Presley Allard), becoming possessed by Deomonous (voiced by Tony Vespe), the resident demon of the house. Realtor Ken (Dave Peniuk) and his wife, Tammy (Sarah Cleveland) aren’t too keen on moving out of their expensive new place. Instead, they offer Deomonous a human sacrifice in exchange for their daughter’s soul and, more importantly, the house.

We then meet the main character, Matt (Jon Michael Simpson). He’s in his late twenties, works from home as a customer service agent (for a toothpaste company, no less), and has little to no direction in life. After refusing to attend a dinner party honoring his girlfriend Amy (paige evans) promotion, she decides she’s had enough of him and throws him on the sidewalk. It looks like Matt lands on his feet when he manages to rent the Sellars’ beautiful home for a fraction of the market price. Unfortunately for Matt, the property is also home to a few ghosts and the evil Deomonous. Now Matt isn’t just dealing with Amy’s rejection, he soon learns that even the demon has no interest in taking her soul and is trying to scare her away. Instead of running in fear, Matt decides to try to make this weird roommate situation work.

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I found the story and the writing of this independent film very pleasant. The film takes a relatable character who is already going through a rough patch and throws him into a haunted house. While the horror elements are the opposite of scary and the jumpscares are laughable, the film works well as a comedy. The scenes where Matt refuses to leave the house despite the ghost’s best efforts are hilarious, and I would have liked to see more development on that particular dynamic. And the character development portrayed is surprisingly poignant.

A disadvantage to Sorry for the demon is the terrible acting. Aside from Sarah Cleveland and Jon Michael Simpson, not all of the performances were compelling, and even the demon didn’t seem to be trying too hard. However, for most of the cast members, this was their first appearance in a full feature film. And neither the acting, nor the bad makeup, nor the ridiculous plot managed to hinder my enjoyment of the film. This Shudder original is a campy, low-budget indie horror that’s more than capable of entertaining fans of the genre.

Sorry for the demon is he good?

The Emily Hagins feature is marketed as a horror comedy. There’s very little horror in a lot of comedies, and even the supposedly scary parts fail to be scary. But if you’re willing to forgo the horror and enjoy a campy little movie with ghosts and demons, this is the movie for you.

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What did you think of the horror-comedy film Shudder Sorry for the Demon (2023)? Comments below.

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The post Sorry for the Demon Review – A Pleasantly Campy Horror-Comedy appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.