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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ being a sequel to ‘The Truman Show’ is incredibly believable

May 14, 2022

A Reddit fan theory proposes that jim carreythe character in The Truman Show and in sonic the hedgehog is the same person.

Yes, according to Redditor Travis_Blake, the 2020 movie’s Dr. Robotnik and its 2022 sequel are just Truman Burbank decades in the future. Here’s how the Redditor explains it:

“Once Truman Burbank escaped his cave, he began his journey to explore and understand the world around him. With such a recognizable face, people were happy to help him on his academic journey in exchange for research, insiders, etc. related to the show. With recognition, he grows a mustache and changes his name to have something for himself. [He calls himself] Robotnik to refer to the robotic actions of his previous life and how he found himself.

Then, after a few decades, “Truman’s distrust of people increases as privacy decreases while technology increases. He doesn’t want to be the target anymore, so he settles down to be the observer. Robotnik has a big ego like he’s the main character, something that dates back to the show’s reveal. Being lied to hurt him, causing him to isolate himself and become more upset about the world. Stone is the only person he trusts, as is Lauren.

Additionally, Travis_Blake clarified that the theory applies to the sonic the hedgehog movies, not games.

Despite having 279 upvotes and a tally, the theory’s responses range from “That’s the kind of shit I’m coming to this subreddit for” to “I’ll get what you smoke.”

Watch the movies in a row to see if the Redditor is right – or if he’s smoking something. (Both can be true.)

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