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Skinarink Review – a disturbing take on childhood nightmares

February 8, 2023

The post Skinamarink Review – A Disturbing View of Childhood Nightmares appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Directed by Kyle Edward Ball, we review the horror film Shudder Skinamarink (2023), which contains no spoilers.

Skinarink is a horror movie which is now streaming on quiver, RokuAnd Sling. Directed by Kyle Edward Ball, the film became a massive hit widely discussed by horror fans. With a budget of only $15,000, Skinarink managed to scare viewers and remind them of their worst childhood fears.

Skinarink Review and Plot Summary

Skinarink follows two young siblings, Kevin and Kaylee, who wake up alone in the middle of the night to find their parents are gone. Also, all the windows and doors in the house are gone. Kevin had already fallen down the stairs and ended up in the hospital.

After making these discoveries, the children hear a strange voice that begins to pursue them more intently throughout the film. He starts by waving at them from areas away from the house. Kevin and Kaylee put pillows and blankets in the living room and decide to sleep there for safety. As they put on old cartoons for comfort, the voice commands take them away from their normal lives and plunge them into a nightmare.

Skinarink intrigues viewers with its dark, grainy effects and indistinct objects that you can’t quite make out. It gives viewers flashbacks to their childhood, where they experienced strange happenings in their nightmares. In doing so, he takes them into the nightmare with the children by introducing them to the same strange, otherworldly journeys they used to take in their dreams. The difference is that in Skinamarink, the nightmare never ends.

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The film thus becomes accessible to people and challenges them to try and watch their most frightening memories unfold. Although it’s not as violent and fast-paced as some of the other horror movies that have already come out this year, it still has the potential to shake you to its core.

Is Skinarink good?

Skinarink is particularly terrifying. It’s more of a slow-burn movie, where the scary moments and intense action don’t happen right away. However, it works perfectly for this movie as it fills the viewers with a sense of dread all the time. With a few jump scares throughout, it keeps viewers on their feet. The confusing ending and inexplicable events leave viewers wondering what really happened. The whole film, which can be entirely left to its interpretation, favors for a long time the speculations and the discussions on its significance.

Skinarink worth watching for horror fans who love psychological thrillers and movies that leave them with unanswered questions that they must figure out on their own. However, this might not be the movie for you if you rely on gore and immediate action to get your heart rate up. But it’s still a unique film with themes that most horror movies haven’t touched on, so it should be a fun ride for any horror fan.

What did you think of the Shudder 2023 horror film Skinarink? Comments below.

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The post Skinamarink Review – A Disturbing View of Childhood Nightmares appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.