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Robbing Mussolini Review – Check Your Brain At The Door

October 27, 2022

Robbing Mussolini’s review – Check Your Brain At The Door appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Another WWII drama – we review Netflix movie Robbing Mussolini, which contains no spoilers.

Pietro or Isola as he likes to be called, is a thief operating in the Black market during closing days World War II in Mussolini’s Italy. Pietro and his crew discover that Mussolini and his closest allies intend to flee Italy for Switzerland and intend to take with them the enormous amount of treasures they have amassed over the past 20 years of The reign of the Duce. Still looking for a score, Pietro decides to steal this treasure from the black areathe infamous heavily guarded area of ​​the city.

It’s a pretty intriguing premise that sets up the story of a daring heist led by lovable characters, and indeed, it seems like that’s what they were looking for here. Based on a true story, this could have been a brilliantly entertaining adventure, but unfortunately, Stealing Mussolini leans way too heavily on heist movie tropes and seems to largely go through the motions, failing quite to make a lasting impression.

As far as I can tell, Robbing Mussolini’s two main problems boil down to the character and the plot (two things big enough not to work!) With the exception of Pietro, the lead, who gets a tiny bit little depth, all the characters are there to do their job in the heist and no more. We have no idea of ​​their inner life or their motivations for being part of the crew, simply that they are there because they are a good getaway driver, or an expert in explosives, etc., everything the character can be distilled into his role in the crew. In fact, when I was writing the Stealing Mussolini ending explained piece to accompany this review, I had to use placeholders for characters such as “Car Guy” and “Thief Girl” and then check the credits for their names; that’s how forgettable the characters are.

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Plot-wise, the main story arc unfolds more or less as one would expect; however, everything related to it is a complete mess. The movie ends with so many details and unanswered questions that it starts to get silly. For example, the first three quarters of the film feature the villain and presumably lead to a confrontation between him and our hero; however, in an attempted plot twist, the villainous Borsalino is simply eliminated in a flashback sequence so brief you could easily miss it. Most of the settings seem totally implausible, and many of the action scenes are edited so jerkily that it’s actually quite difficult to keep track of what’s going on and who is and isn’t alive at the end.

What this movie has best is the pacing; it moves through its gears so quickly that you might not have time to pause and notice how choppy the story is. Some of the actors put on decent performances with mediocre material and are generally quite likable for the duration of its 100 minutes.

What did you think of the Netflix movie Robbing Mussolini? Comments below.

Robbing Mussolini’s review – Check Your Brain At The Door appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.