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Rob Zombie Reveals Unlikely Return Of Another OG ‘Munsters’

June 29, 2022

Some people are still understandably puzzled that Rob Zombie, of all people, is leading the family reboot of The Munsters. But the House of 1000 corpses The director has sworn to stay true to the original ’60s sitcom – so much so that Zombie has dedicated himself to bringing back several memorable OG characters from the show.

As production progressed over the past few months, Zombie has religiously shared photos on his official Instagram showcasing the ins and outs of the authentic set and original-accurate characters. Zombie continued that tradition where earlier today he revealed that the ominous character Tin Can Man would be returning for the Universal movie. “I am delighted to have another original Munster in my new film. Get ready for some robot fun,” Zombie wrote in his post.