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Review Outlaws (2021) – sex, drugs and youth in post-French Spain

November 23, 2021

This Netflix Outlaws (2021) movie review is spoiler-free.

In the late 1970s, after the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, as Spain slowly moved towards democracy, rebellious youth rose to prominence with their free spirit and crudeness. These youth groups have broken down all barriers in society and brought the fresh air with their nothing to lose mentality leading to a crazy bohemian world. The Netflix movie Outlaws celebrates this free spirit of late 1970s youth in the mold of the famous cinchona film genre of that era.

Directed by Daniel Monzon, this film portrays the story of Nacho, a soft-spoken and bullied teenager, and his involvement with a new group of friends in a series of heists, burglaries, romance and more in Girona. in 1978.

Nacho aka Grafitas is a very shy and nervous boy who has no friends and is constantly bullied by other boys his age. At home, too, he is shy enough to share anything with his parents lest they make mistakes. In this moment of abandonment, he bumps into the young Tere and Zarco and with their encouragement he joins their gang, which leads him to become a repressed youth for a free-spirited rebel.

Portrayed by actor Marcos Ruiz, Nacho is an ordinary man. He is not confident, nervous and shy. He is a deranged abandoned child who has no one to listen to. But after meeting Tere and Zarco, his life changes and he got the stronghold of his life. This transition from the character of a shy disturbed child to a rebel with an unimportant state of mind is beautifully portrayed by the actor. Subtly, he portrays the character with credibility. His body language changes over time as he deepens the development of the character over time. It makes the character a human being to identify with.

Her lover, Tere, played by Begona Vargas, is attractive but vulnerable. She is the one who loves and cares for Nacho but does not commit to him. She totally believes in free love but has the most love for him in her heart. His friend Zarco, played by Chechu Salgado is also quite protective of Nacho. He also has a relationship with Tere leading the three into a love triangle with jealousy, lust, and belief.

In the midst of these flawed characters, the police characters are quite underdeveloped and that leads to half-baked chills. They spend very little screen time and are treated like the stereotypical police treatment (corrupt, loud and hostile) in movies. I would like the writer to devote more time to the development of these police characters.

With thrilling action and adrenaline, with drugs, sex and love, Outlaws is a mad rush of nostalgia for the cinematic genre depicting the crudeness of young bohemians of the 1970s.

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