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Review of Loving Adults – A Lifetime Film Achievement

August 27, 2022

This Netflix Loving Adults movie review contains no spoilers.

Anna Ekerg’s novel takes a cynical view of marriage, it seems. The thin line between love and hate has never been wider between his Christian characters (game of thrones Darin Salim) and Leonora (The Homeman’s Sonja Richter).

After 20 years of marriage and after raising a sick son for a decade, they separated. Christian began an affair with Xenia (Dominoes Sus Wilkins), his prized architect in his construction company. She wants a family and demands that he leave his wife immediately. Big mistake because Leonora is a married woman for two decades in her marriage and gets what she wants. As she tells Christian, either break up with her lover or she’ll go to the police with the dirt she has on him. Christian sees only one way out, and it’s darker than expected.

Directed by Barbara Rothenborg (gastronomic club), with an adaptation by Anders Rønnow Klarlund (Strings) and Jacob Weinreich (The last customer), it’s nothing more than a lifetime movie entry.

Yes, the production values ​​are good and both leads are better than the material here, but the narrative has all the backbone of an invertebrate. A twist in the middle of the film is understandably surprising and should create cat-and-mouse suspense, not just between the police and the main characters, but the protagonists themselves.

Instead, there’s no one to stand up and make life difficult for these two. We have to believe that the police will naturally trust the word of a couple who are linked to or experience at least close to two murders within a few weeks.

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The viewer has to admit that a posh hotel doesn’t have security cameras around the establishment, and the police wouldn’t have access to road surveillance or think to check Christian’s business assets. There’s also an unnecessary plot point about Leonora’s past that’s nothing but hackneyed. The cold, calculated Richter, who brings a bit of life to a character who is nothing more than your clichéd, abandoned wife, makes the film somewhat interesting.

However, while his manipulation in the script works on a cheesy, cheesy level, I was screaming at the end. Imagine cadaver dogs leading cops down a trail that ends in a lake, watching the prime suspect start a hover bomb fire with a dead animal scent in the air, and walk away without further investigation. All with a narrator’s own subplot, where the detective on the case tells this story to his daughter on her wedding day?

love adults, God bless you. You’re so over the top I’m giving you an extra star just for being daring.

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