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Review: ‘Halloween Ends’ is a funny and irregular ending for Laurie and Michael

October 14, 2022

Horror endings are hard to do. They’re even harder when there’s the added weight of decades of fan expectations and desires on top of sticking the ending. Halloween ends, the final and (allegedly) final chapter of the Michael Meyers saga, manages to find an ending while having fun along the way. It might not work entirely, but Ends takes you on one last wild ride and takes you to some pretty unexpected places.

Opening four years after the events of halloween kills, we find Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Allyson (Andi Matichak) living together and taking things day by day. Following their heavy losses in the last film, the two women took different routes in their respective journeys with grief: Laurie decided to “live, laugh, love” and embrace the joy and light that she can find – she is sober, working on a book about her experiences and reliving. Allyson, on the other hand, is in a much different place – she’s angry and still working a lot on her feelings about the loss of her mother and then-boyfriend. At least Michael Meyers, or “The Shape” (James Jude Courtney), is gone for now, right?

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