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Review: ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is a bloody fun ride

August 6, 2022

There is a certain cruelty that can come from being young, rich and beautiful. No matter how included and woke up the group of frenemies in Body Body Body tries to make itself believe, though it can’t deny what lies just beneath the surface of its carefully crafted facades. This cruelty is inevitable, despite the group’s best attempts to keep everything secret. Repressing your true feelings under the guise of following social mores is a great setup for a horror movie, but also for a comedy. Luckily, there’s plenty of suspense and laughs in this slasher comedy from Halina Reijn, and how could it be otherwise? It’s hard not to laugh when the characters call out to each other for being able (or ignore the group chat) while their friends are littered around them, lying in pools of blood.

We meet this particularly toxic group of friends through Bee (Maria Bakalova). She’s dating Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), and they’re both on their way to David’s (Pete Davidson) parents’ megamansion to reunite with the rest of Sophie’s friends for a hurricane party. It’s clear from the start of the film that the relationship between Bee and Sophie is very new, setting the tone for the social tensions that will come to a boiling point later in the film.

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