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Pixar Fans Are Confused After ‘Lightyear’ Promo Photo Apparently Breaks ‘Toy Story’ Canon

June 16, 2022

Light year finally hit theaters this weekend, which is good because fans have finally figured out the film’s slightly confusing premise. Yes the toy story The spin-off is supposed to be the movie that Andy’s beloved toy is based on, hence why Buzz is the hottest action figure from the first movie. But, even if people have just accepted this concept, new promotional art for Light year once again has Pixar lovers scratching their heads.

The promotional art in question imagines Andy going to see the Light year movie at the cinema, surrounded by all his toys. Sure enough, his Buzz figure isn’t with him, so it fits the idea that he begged his mom to get him one for his birthday after catching the movie. But, as valiant as the artwork’s attempts to maintain continuity are, they instead create two other major anomalies.