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One of Tom Cruise’s Most Controversial Action Movies Makes Top 10 Streaming

May 15, 2022

From the first reviews, it seems that Top Gun: Maverick is destined to become not only one of the best blockbusters of the year, but one of Tom Cruise’s best films. It’s no small feat based on his illustrious career, let alone a sequel that arrives 36 years after the original. You could say the actor has already made something of a spiritual successor, though, with the 1990s. thunder days dismissed at the time as ” Superior gun with racing cars.

While that might have been considered dismissive at the time, it wasn’t too far from the truth in reality. Cruise plays a hot-headed rookie who clashes with his peers and various veterans, before eventually forming a close bond with his old rival who sees them put their differences aside by the time the third act unfolds, and there’s also a love interest found along the way.

thunder days

Then there is the presence of Tony Scott behind the camera, just when he was on Superior guntherefore the comparisons are almost invited. thunder days was a decently sized box office success after earning $158 million on a $60 million budget, but critics and audiences weren’t too impressed.

That said, with Top Gun: Maverick Heading to theaters in a few weeks, fans have chosen to dive back into the Cruise back catalog. According to FlixPatrol, thunder days became a Top 10 hit on iTunes in the UK, although you would have thought his first outing as Pete Mitchell would be the one to revisit.