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Noise (2023) Review – a harrowing but sobering experience from start to finish

January 11, 2023

The post Noise review (2023) – a harrowing but sobering experience from start to finish appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Netflix movie Noise (2023), which contains no spoilers.

Carried out by Natalia Beristain, Noise (original title: Ruido) is a heartbreaking crime drama about a desperate mother’s attempts to find her 20-year-old daughter, who has been missing for 9 months. With an ensemble cast featuring Juliette Egurrola, Therese Ruizand Erick Israel Consuelothis captivating piece has won several awards and accolades since its premiere in San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain and recently had its world premiere on netflix.

Noise Analysis (2023) and Plot Summary

Noise begins with a haunting close-up of the protagonist, Julia (played masterfully by Egurrola), before introducing her story. Julia is a distinguished artist whose daughter, Gertrudis or Ger for short, has been missing for nine months and incompetent authorities have made little progress on her case. The police, her ex-husband and even her son are urging the woman to let go and move on with her life. As a mother, she can’t do that. At a support group for families of missing persons, Julia meets journalist Abril (Ruiz) and the two embark on a dangerous clandestine investigation to try to find out what really happened to Ger.

This movie offers a harrowing yet sobering experience from start to finish. The longer we follow Julia on her journey, the more infuriating her situation becomes. She makes noise when the authorities would prefer that she and other destitute mothers like her remain silent. As the desperate woman tries to find answers, the film reveals a level of corruption we’d all like to believe doesn’t exist. The police use security footage of Ger using drugs at a party as an excuse to blame the victim for his disappearance. The few people willing to help the families in Julia’s position put their own lives on the line, a lawyer who investigates missing persons works in an abandoned building and has armed security for protection. There’s even a gruesome scene where our protagonist has to bribe a police officer to check a truck full of dead bodies before the authorities sweep the whole incident under the rug.

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As the film progresses, the protagonist delves deeper into a world where corruption and greed reign, while human life is worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it. Julia, herself, only finds what little information she finds because she has the funds to bribe the right people. And even then, she still risks her safety. The authorities aren’t really trying to find Ger. The cartels lead the dance. And anyone who asks too many uncomfortable questions becomes a missing person themselves.

What makes Noise unique is the way it gives screen time to so many stories similar to Julia’s. The director shares her story while poignantly reminding the viewer that she is one of many. Through the protagonist’s perspective, we meet other people like her, desperately searching for answers. And despite the bleak outlook, we also see women coming together and helping each other in times of need. While it seems like the whole world is against them, these women continue to fight for their mothers, daughters and sisters. There’s a strong female-centric message to this movie, and despite its gritty, just enough light is allowed to shine through.

Is the movie of 2023 Noise on Netflix is ​​good?

While Noise is set in Mexico, the film’s relevance extends far beyond that. Over its hour and 45 minute runtimes, the film paints a realistic and haunting picture of what too many families around the world are forced to endure when someone they love goes missing. It’s uncomfortable to watch, and that’s what makes it crucial viewing.

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The post Noise review (2023) – a harrowing but sobering experience from start to finish appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.