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Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy review – a diarrhea of ​​fart jokes for all

September 27, 2022

Netflix Comedy Special Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy will be released on Netflix on September 27, 2022.

We’re back with another stand-up comedy review special, and this time we’re watching someone make their Netflix special debut. Nick Kroll: little big boy is Kroll’s first special on the streaming giant. Is it worth checking? Let’s dive into it.

One of the things I expected from this special was for Kroll to be raunchy and even a bit rude. So I wasn’t surprised that he kicked off the special with a joke about shitting his pants when he was a kid. He followed that joke up with a story about his first love, at age 32, which was also the first time someone had simultaneously broken his heart because Kroll mentions he was a little late in life.

Kroll is a body language and facial expression comedian, which I think is not an easy thing to be. You need to be able to have the facial expressions or body movements to amp up your already potentially funny jokes, and that’s one hell of a multi-tasker. But, not to my surprise, Kroll has perfected this with every joke. Because it’s funny, sometimes when you have a maybe okay joke, it can turn into a better joke with the perfect expression or body language.

In the trailer for the special, we saw Kroll take on moms and just how bad they have it. The whole piece is my favorite part of the whole special. It’s hilarious how he put this on his head about how mothers have to try harder not to be so available to their children. When you watch this and hear this whole tune, I promise you it will end up being relatable on so many levels.

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Overall, from fart jokes to diarrhea stories, Kroll’s comedy won’t be for everyone because not everyone will appreciate the “raunchy” humor he brings to the table. However, if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll love what Kroll brings to the table. Although not every joke falls, Nick Kroll: little big boy makes you laugh most of the time. Hopefully we get a second round with the duo from Kroll and Netflix.

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You can watch this stand-up with a Netflix subscription.

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