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Moviegoers reluctantly confirm it’s okay to like Jake Gyllenhaal

September 15, 2022

Jake Gyllenhaal has been at the height of its popularity for a few years now, for better and of course for worse. Amid allegations that the actor isn’t particularly fond of baths and a banging relationship with a particularly popular singer, Jake Gyllenhaal is still one of Hollywood’s most coveted actors. Often praised for his nuanced acting and his ability to take on any role at any given time, Gyllenhaal is certainly a chameleon in his craft, even if some people don’t appreciate his work as much.

Separating art from artist is certainly necessary when considering someone’s work, and that’s exactly what some good people have done on r/movies when discussing the intricacies of artwork de Gyllenhaal, mentioning how their expectations untainted by hype will almost certainly be brought back to reality by examining the work of the comedians. However, moviegoers have come together to praise the actors, even after years of undermining their craft, realizing that, in fact, it’s okay to appreciate overrated Hollywood actors.

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