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Matthew Vaughn wants to make a ‘colorful and fun’ Superman movie with Henry Cavill

December 22, 2021

DC fans still aren’t ready to let Henry Cavill go, and it looks like they weren’t the only ones hoping for Warner Bros. will bring the star back The witcher for at least one more solo movie like Superman. The director of Kingsman Matthew Vaughn has revealed he’d like to do a standalone sequel to Man of steel with Cavill, although he admits he would go for a totally different tone than Zack Snyder’s.

Vaughn is no stranger to the superhero genre, having achieved X-Men: First Class and movies Kick-Ass but he reminded The Wrap that he was once “desperate” to make a movie about Superman. While that wish never came true, he just teamed up with Cavill for his next spy actor. Argylleand it seems that made him think again about the Kryptonian hero and his ambitions to bring color back to his world. .