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Marvel Latest: Studio Forced To Face ‘Captain America 4’ Controversy As ‘Tired’ Brie Larson Talks About Needing Help On ‘The Marvels’

September 18, 2022

Let’s do it, Avengers experts! It’s time for another wonder overview of the news. Sadly, controversy has been the name of the game on the MCU front for the past 24 hours as the studio was forced to issue a statement after a controversial casting announcement inflamed the fandom with fury. On the lighter side of things, the cast of Wonders became clear about working together as a team, and fans are making a Thor/Teletubbies comparison that we will never forget.

Marvel’s Sabra Statement Leaves Sam Wilson Stans Skeptical

marvel comicsImage via Marvel Comics

Captain America: New World Order recently added two new cast members, one of whom got fans excited – Tim Blake Nelson back as lead – and the other mired Marvel in widespread controversy. Shira Haas was cast as Sabra, an Israeli superhero, a character who has been treated quite hideously in the past. Marvel pointed out that they’re taking “a new approach” with her in a statement to the press, but people aren’t buying her and seem to think it’s best that Sabra is just taken out of the movie period.

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