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M3GAN gains an extra layer of sensibility by embracing memes

January 5, 2023

We are only 24 hours away from a meeting M3GAN, the sentient android designed to protect Cady, the niece of its creator Gemma. Those who stayed in the loop on Twitter and Instagram will know that M3GAN’s social media accounts have started embracing internet memes. M3GAN’s main directive is to protect Cady from all harm, but during her downtime, she enjoys browsing the World Wide Web to see what hilarious content she can find and download. As M3GAN continues to learn Cady’s personal preferences to become a better protector, teacher, and counselor, she is also training in meme fashion to entertain her wider audience.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by the incomparable duo of Jason Blum (Halloween) and James Wan (Saw), M3GAN sees the realistic doll become self-aware and overprotective of Cady, with horrific consequences for roboticist Gemma, who is initially unaware of the monster she has created. Allison Williams (get out) stars as Gemma, while Amie Donald and Jenna Davis act as M3GAN’s model/voice, respectively. Moreover, Doctor Sleep‘s Violet McGraw plays Cady, Gemma’s niece and M3GAN’s ‘BFF’.

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