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‘Lightyear’ Star Taika Waititi Reveals What He Learned From Pixar

June 21, 2022

Light year It may not be the all-conquering hit Pixar is used to delivering, but it’s a seriously fun adventure with unexpected twists and lots of heart. One of the strengths of any Pixar film is an excellent voice cast, with Light year starring Chris Evans as the lead, James Brolin as the Zerg Emperor, and best of all, Taika Waititi as Green Colonial Defense rookie Mo Morrison.

Waititi is often celebrated as a director, with the next Thor: Love and Thunder possibly the hottest movie on the list of 2022 summer blockbusters. But along the way, it’s amassed a decent voice acting resume, voicing Korg in the MCU and appearing in rick and morty and The Mandalorian.