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Latest sci-fi news: Ryan Reynolds could be Dwayne Johnson’s ticket to the MCU as ‘Doctor Who’ embarks on his own Marvel crossover

December 31, 2022

As further proof that wonder dominating everything in the entertainment world these days, the biggest sci-fi novella of the day has a superhero flavor to it. For starters, one of last year’s most popular genre films that we can almost guarantee you haven’t thought of since its release could hold the key to bringing Dwayne Johnson into the MCU. Meanwhile, Doctor Who Already beginning to tease its own ties to Marvel ahead of its looming Disney takeover.

A Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi Hit You Already Forgot Could Reveal How Dwayne Johnson Can Get Into The MCU

Image via 20th Century Studios/Disney Plus

With his stint as DC’s Black Adam almost as fast as he began, everyone expects Dwayne Johnson to jump into the Marvel Universe as soon as possible. And it’s entirely possible that Ryan Reynolds could be his ticket to Disney Land. Dead Pool 3 will reunite Reynolds with director Shawn Levy and his old pal/enemy Hugh Jackman… who were all involved in the 2021s free guy. As was The Rock himself, though you’d be forgiven for missing it. So could Johnson join the rest of the Free Guy team in Dead Pool 3? Strange things have happened…

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