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Latest sci-fi news: Regeneration won’t be the end for the Thirteenth Doctor, as one of the worst ‘Star Trek’ movies inspires undeserved praise

October 23, 2022

Join us as we boldly go where we’ve never gone before – our first daily roundup of science fiction news. The biggest event in the sci-fi world this weekend is naturally the Jodie Whittaker finale Doctor Who episode, except we now learn that the actress has already put measures in place to ensure she returns to the TARDIS before too long. Meanwhile, star trek fans are finding something to love in one of the franchise’s worst entries. In the words of Captain Christopher Pike, hit it!

Jodie Whittaker is determined not to give up Doctor Who still

BBC_The_Power_of_the_DoctorImage via BBC

The Thirteenth Doctor won’t stay on our screens long if Jodie Whittaker gets her way. The outgoing actress admitted she would be “devastated” if she didn’t have the opportunity to return to the Whoniverse within the next two years. So much so that she’s already reached out to new showrunner Russell T. Davies to let him know she’ll be back in the fray whenever he calls. Can we expect his appearance as part of next year’s 60th anniversary celebrations? Who know?

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