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Latest Sci-Fi News: New Dave Bautista Movie Literally Makes Him The Next Dwayne Johnson As ‘Star Trek 4’ Could Finally Happen In The Worst Way Possible

January 6, 2023

star trek soldiers, we have good news and bad news for you today following an update on the still troubled star trek 4 which is sure to elicit polarized reactions. Somewhere else, David Bautista may have to swallow his words after an upcoming project proves he really wants to be the next Dwayne Johnson after all, just like Avatar: The Way of the Water beats Marvel to earn a spot in the history books. Let’s dive in…

Brace yourself for the wrath of fans as star trek 4 could still happen… but with everyone’s final choice for director

Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk inImage via Paramount Pictures

star trek Fans have been desperately waiting for another theatrical release to bring Chris Pine’s Kirk and his Enterprise crew to our screens, but it looks like they should have been careful what they wished for. The latest rumors say Paramount is finally making progress with the long-delayed film, but with a director most fans hoped would never return to the franchise. Here’s a hint: they’re not popular either. star wars lovers. Another clue: their name rhymes with Smay Smay Smabrams. Think about it, you will get there…

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