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Latest sci-fi news: James Gunn threatens DC fans with the MCU crossover they don’t want to see while teasing how he’ll reboot Superman

January 19, 2023

james gunn always shares his thoughts and opinions with fans on social media, but this time he may have let something major slip about how he’s going to reboot DC’s most important hero in the years to come. Without forgetting to indicate that he will bring one of his guardians of the galaxy rally behind Marvel’s rival franchise. Meanwhile, Netflix is ​​going rebellious as it shares new previews of Zack Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi epic. Let’s go rocket…

Attention DC Fans, The One MCU Crossover You Probably Don’t Want To Happen… Might Happen

Image: Disney Plus/HBO Max

Superhero fans love it when someone from the MCU jumps to DC, or vice versa, don’t they? Well, this one might not be so universally loved if it ever happens. James Gunn blurted out that he thinks he might end up throwing ol’ guardians of the galaxy Leading man Chris Pratt somewhere in the DC Universe now holds the keys to the kingdom. I think we can all agree that the best thing Gunn could do is invite Pratt aboard…but only so he can bring his version of Mario to live-action. Now that would be a crossover.

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