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Latest sci-fi news: James Gunn can’t touch a beloved DC property, but the ‘Harry Potter’ and Netflix crossover has fallen in his lap

February 9, 2023

james gunn must be like a kid in a candy store – or, more accurately, a comic book store – now that he’s gotten the keys to the set CC multiverse and can pretty much do all the movies and TV shows it wants. While that’s not strictly true, if he’s going to keep the fans on his side, some people have very strong feelings about which projects he should and shouldn’t touch. Somewhere else, star trek fans are getting answers on why another filmmaker leaked the franchise.

DC fans are warning James Gunn not to touch the still-fresh corpse of a fan-favorite series…

james gunnthrough DC

James Gunn has the entire DC Universe at his fingertips to do whatever he wants, but DC fans are warning him not to dare reboot characters from a beloved TV series they still mourn fresh. We Just Learned HBO Max Is Canceling Both Titans And Doom Patrol, but a sacrilegious Redditor was shot when they floated the idea of ​​Gunn introducing new versions of that latest show’s quirky superhero team into the DCU. While it’s undeniable that Robot-Man, Crazy Jane and co. would be right down the street from Gunn, maybe it would be best if we preserved the memory of the original series a bit first.

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