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Latest Marvel News: Studio Admits A Disney Plus Series Is Long Overdue As An MCU OG Revival Is Teased

November 3, 2022

Have a great day, True Believers! As has been a recurring theme lately, this Wednesday wonder the news has everything to do with looking to the future, which isn’t surprising considering we’re at the end of phase four and the dawn of phase five. Unfortunately, not all updates are positive, as an intriguing-sounding Disney Plus show isn’t as far along in development as it should be. On the plus side, an original MCU favorite is about to undergo a “rebirth…”

black panther 2 might be imminent, but its spin-off series definitely isn’t

okoye black panther wakanda foreverPhoto via Marvel Studios

We are now just over a week away from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever admission to the cinema, and Dominique Thorne Stone heart The TV series has almost wrapped filming ahead of its release next fall. Unfortunately, not all Panther-verse projects are progressing so well. Remember that Wakanda-centric Disney Plus show that was announced a while ago? Well, producer Nate Moore has now admitted it’s “not as advanced as people wanted it to be” and it looks like the show is still in the spitting stage. So we may be waiting for this one (Wakanda) forever.

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