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Latest Marvel News: Sony May Have Just Saved Its Cinematic Universe As ‘She-Hulk’ Loses Support

October 5, 2022

On the back of the phenomenal Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer landing on Monday, the biggest wonder the news that reached us this Tuesday isn’t about the MCU at all, it’s about Sony’s Spider-Man universe – the studio just made an intriguing new hire to its latest controversial spin-off film which, who knows, might turn out to be the saving grace of the franchise. Meanwhile, She-Hulk continues to incite slander while a Wanda Vision fan-favorite confirms their imminent return.

Did Sony’s most interesting upcoming project has just become… El Muerto?

El Muerto Spider-ManImage via Marvel Comics

You have to hand it over to Sony, they didn’t let Morbius becoming the internet’s most ridiculed movie prevents them from continuing their cinematic universe, because they already have both Kraven and Madame Web in the box. Next on the way is El Muerto, featuring Bad Bunny, who was previously the most mocked of the lot, but now may be the most intriguing. You see, Sony has just hired director Jonás Cuarón, the son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, for his first feature film in English. Since he’s the man who co-wrote the script for GravityCould Cuarón help redeem the oft-flagellated franchise?

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