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Latest Marvel News: MCU Fans Are In Heaven As ‘She-Hulk’ Goes To Hell, Setting The Stage For 2 Feisty New Characters

September 9, 2022

Happy Disney Plus Day, folks! While the House of Mouse’s big day may have turned out to be more low-key than expected due to the mixed reception from the Pinocchio remake and other new releases like the Brie Larson docuseries Growing up under the radar, this Thursday was still a gift for wonder fans, because he delivered both Thor: Love and Thunderthe streaming debut of and the final episode of She-Hulk: Prosecutorthere place ⏤ both of which generated a ton of discussion within the MCU fandom.

Mephisto, Madisynn and Ghost Rider, oh my!

Ghost Rider MCU series with MephistoPicture: Hulu/Marvel Comics

Although your mileage may vary on meta humor and twerking, She-Hulk certainly isn’t disappointing when it comes to its wider MCU connections. For example, Episode Four literally saw the Jade Giant go to hell, leaving people convinced that, well, Mephisto is finally on her way to the MCU. Plus, that twisted stage magician Donny Blaze has fans praying for Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider to arrive too. The biggest and most undeniable treat the episode gave us, however, has to be the introduction of Madisynn, Wongers’ unlikely new bestie and the gift that kept on giving.

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