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Latest Marvel News: Kim Kardashian Eyes the MCU as ‘Secret Invasion’ Secrets Begin to Spill

September 7, 2022

It’s once again, True Believers – time for an overview of the greatest wonder news of the day. While we eagerly await the burst of announcements that are sure to come this weekend thanks to Disney’s D23 Expo ⏤ and its accompanying Disney Plus Day Thursday ⏤, things have been pretty quiet on the front of House of Ideas so far this week. And yet, there are still a few updates that have fans excited ⏤ or, in one case, given them a cold sweat…

Be Prepared – Kim Kardashian Is Looking For A Role In Marvel

Kim Kardashian attends the 2020 Winter TCA TourDavid Livingston/Getty Images

On the heels of Megan Thee Stallion who made her way into the franchise last week She-Hulk, Kim Kardashian has now made it known that she will not refuse to be part of the MCU either. When asked to follow up on her Oscar-worthy turn in the paw patrol movie with more acting gigs in a new interview, the reality star/influencer admitted that she thinks a Marvel role “would be so much fun to do.” Here’s a pitch you can have for free Kevin Feige pitch her as a variation of Kang in Secret Wars. Kim Kang Dashian.

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