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Latest Marvel News: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Looks More Violent Than Ever In ‘Deadpool 3’ As Dave Bautista Indicates Drax’s MCU Fate

January 6, 2023

Today in the wonder universe, Hugh Jackman is up to his old tricks as he potentially spoils another major Dead Pool 3 detail while diving into Ryan Reynolds for the umpteenth time. Meanwhile, Dave Bautista’s dismissive comments about the MCU suggest things aren’t going to end well for Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Last but not least, Quantumania isn’t spreading as fast as Kevin Feige might hope. Let’s start…

Hugh Jackman may well promise that Logan will have even more ‘berserker rage’ in Dead Pool 3

hugh jackman ryan reynolds deadpool 3Screenshot via YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman is never one to waste an opportunity to lay lightly on his pal and soon-to-be co-star Ryan Reynolds, but his latest attempt to do so may have seen him blurt out more than he cares. had planned it. No, it’s not about him potentially releasing the real title of Dead Pool 3. In a new interview, the Aussie actor said he looks forward to “smacking the ass” out of Reynolds “every day” once filming for the film begins. Is it just us, then, or is Jackman promising we’ll have a more violent Wolverine than ever as he jumps into the MCU? Well, the comic book character is traditionally depicted as possessing “berserker rage”, so it would make sense for Marvel to restore him to factory settings like this. Fingers crossed, we get Hugh in the classic costume to boot.

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