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Latest Marvel News: Dwayne Johnson Incites War On Thor As DC Allegedly Tries To Poach MCU’s Biggest Asset

October 30, 2022

Now that guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn has taken over as the new co-director of DC Studios, he tries to bridge the gap between the fandoms of wonder and its distinguished competition. But despite his valiant efforts, it seems some battles just can’t be stopped because black adamDwayne Johnson has inadvertently waged war on Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and a wild new rumor claims Warner Bros. executives. attempted to steal Marvel’s MVP to save their own struggling franchise.

The Rock makes superhero stans salivate in a deathmatch between Black Adam and Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor poses in a side-by-side collage next to Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.Images via Marvel and DC. Remix by Danny Peterson

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has just changed with the introduction of Black Adam, but would the godlike anti-hero be able to defeat the true god of a Marvel Avenger? The Rock had us wondering after sharing The speechThe skit spoofs featuring a confrontation between Teth-Adam and Thor Odinson and tagging Chris Hemsworth, prompting fans to get into a fierce debate as they wonder who would emerge victorious in such a deathmatch. Make it happen, James Gunn!

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