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Jung_E Review – an adrenaline-fuelled dystopian tale of mothers and daughters

January 21, 2023

The post Jung_E Review – an adrenaline-fueled dystopian tale of mothers and daughters appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review Netflix film Jung_E, which contains no spoilers.

by Netflix Jung_E owes much of its history to a film like blade runner drawing from the classic mix of themes like morality, identity and freedom. Where this dystopian film falters is in mixing those classic tropes with a melodramatic tale of mothers and daughters. However, when the film does work, this Korean sci-fi thriller’s penchant for hyper-fuelled action scenes plays out like a quick hit of pure adrenaline. With a mischievous sense of humor, Jung_E a film in which one can easily get lost.

Jung_E review and plot summary

The film is set well in the future, the year 2194, and Jung_E gets off to a flying start. A fierce warrior, Jung_E (Kim Hyun Joo), the former leader of the Allied Forces, takes on a race of robots determined to destroy a human existence. But heck, can you blame the pissed off version of Wall-E? This is because the Earth is now approaching the 22nd century where humans have to live in shelters. After all, the world has become uninhabitable due to unprecedented climate change.

Jung_E is a renowned mercenary. However, like most heroes, her legend grew because she lost her life in battle. To continue his good work, after his death the government signs a deal with his family to clone the warrior’s brain. Why? As a way to win the war. With the world now forced to live free from the scorching sun and sudden weather changes, an internal battle unfolds as scientists work tirelessly to transform her into Jung_E. It would be an evolutionary robot that can be multiplied. One of them working on the clone is Yoon (Kang Soo Yeon), who was just a small child when his mother was killed.

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Jung_E was written and directed by legendary Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho. The filmmaker, whose remarkably direct horror film Train to Busan was an exhilarating thrill ride, made him a household name. Where this film reveled in all its zombie gluttony, its final lives in moments of moral dilemma-themed scripts. Like the way he replays his situations to see exactly how much pain the former captain can take. A real horror movie as she Lives, dies, repeats herself again and again. Why? It’s simple, really. So the team can perfect the ultimate weapon. This type of theme, the just lack of respect for human life, has become commonplace and leads to dehumanization.

The film certainly has its flaws. He was trying to put cartoonish supporting characters in a storyline that wouldn’t fit. Ryu Kyung-soo plays Sang-hoon, a cringe-worthy villain. Even though the movie explains the behavior in a way that makes sense – the character obviously teaches himself to be human – it’s still distracting and borderline unpleasant.

Sang-ho’s film excels in action scenes, and it’s a wicked dark sense of humor about capitalism and consumerism, where the idea that the government is turning obsolete and now useless guns into making money or marketing a legend in POP Dolls for sale sounds ridiculous, but also possible.

Is Jung_E good?

Jung_E’s quick shots of adrenaline-fueled madness blow up the film’s relatively short runtime. In addition to the quality storytelling themes, you’ll notice that the script depicts a society that has touched such bottom of humanity. From clones to flesh-and-blood creatures, everyone struggles to learn to be human. All in a world that is anything but. Although the film struggles in some areas, we can accept that it’s far from perfect. We can even admit that these films were certainly made with more talent and with more ambition. Still, it’s entertaining enough to be a quality distraction for anyone looking to unwind.

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And sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

What did you think of the South Korean Netflix movie Jung_E? Comments below.

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The post Jung_E Review – an adrenaline-fueled dystopian tale of mothers and daughters appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.