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James Gunn reacts to a fan predicting the end of his entire career

May 14, 2022

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 marks the end of the line not only for the cast of the cosmic franchise and their characters, but also for the man behind the camera. After directing all three entries in the trilogy – which is actually quite a rare feat in the MCU – the director james gunn seems to be saying goodbye to Marvel Studios as it moves on to new creative challenges. What he doesn’t do, however, is retire from the industry altogether.

Few thought this was happening, but Gunn felt the need to clarify this after some hilarious confusion on Twitter. Following production on Flight. 3 nearing its end, the @GamingOverdose_ Twitter account erroneously shared that the trio was to be “Gunn’s last film”. The alarmed director then responded to the OP by commenting, “Damn, I hope this isn’t my last movie. »

It’s good to hear that Gunn definitely has his sights set on directing more movies, as he actually seems to be focused on his TV commitments at the moment. Not only does he make a second season of DC Peacemaker, he is also attached to executive produce the Amanda Waller spin-off of Viola Davis. He has an ongoing film project, although he’s not directing it. He wrote the screenplay for looney tunes branching out Coyote vs. Acmewhich features his Peacemaker buddy John Cena.

Guardians 3 may not be Gunn’s last film, but saying goodbye to the franchise was nonetheless an emotional moment for him, as he opened up on social media about the bittersweet quality of filming his final scenes. with these characters earlier this month.

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At least for us viewers, we still have a ton of Guardians upcoming content. Not only is Star-Lord and his crew making an appearance this summer Thor: Love and ThunderWe also have Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special due on Disney Plus in December. Guardians 3 then concludes the adventures of the team when it arrives in theaters next May.