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Is that forgotten “Spider-Man” video game officially part of Raimi’s timeline?

June 27, 2022

by Sam Raimi Spider Man movies enjoyed a moment in the spotlight late last year with the release of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. It saw Tobey Maguire return in a skin-tight Spidey suit in his mid-40s and look good doing it. Along the way, those who were once there got a huge nostalgia kick, helped by most of the Raimiverse villains returning as well.

Since then, there have been demands that Raimi finally make his Spiderman 4, a story that would pick up after Peter Parker returned from Maguire to his universe. But could we have secretly already seen this story unfold in an almost forgotten video game? This tweet is from 2007 Spider-Man: friend or foe in the timeline: