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IFC Films unveils the first trailer for “Resurrection” hailed by Sundance

May 14, 2022

IFC Films released the first trailer for its upcoming psychological thriller Resurrection and the film looks like another solid entry into the so-called “high” horror category that redefines the once pulp-and-gore-focused genre. The film won plenty of rave reviews from audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and looks set to become another successful horror/arthouse mash-up.

Resurrection features Godzilla vs. Kong actor Rebecca Hall in a performance that has already received critical acclaim. Hall plays Margaret, a woman who leads a well-organized existence, her life as a single mother with her daughter Abbie and her busy career perfectly compartmentalized, until a shadow of her past emerges to throw her life into chaos.

The mysterious David, played by Tim Roth, returns to Margaret’s life, “carrying the horrors of Margaret’s past. Battling her growing fear, Margaret must face the monster she shunned for two decades who came to complete their unfinished business,” according to the IFC press release.

Resurrection is written and directed by Andrew Semans. The film was developed from a screenplay by Semans that was on the 2019 “blacklist” of popular unproduced screenplays by new screenwriters. Square Peg’s Lars Knudsen, Secret Engine’s Alex Scharfman and Drew Houpt, and Rosetory’s Tory Lenosky will produce. In addition to Hall and Roth, the film will star Grace Kaufman and Michael Esper.

The film will be released in theaters on August 5. The film will also be available on video on demand and will then be available to stream on Shudder.