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Horror fans looking for double trouble with the scariest mimicry movies they can find

November 3, 2022

It is only recently that mimicry films have entered mainstream cinema. Groundbreaking filmmaker Jordan Peele brought the terrifying concept of hostile doppelgangers to life in We, a story that follows the Wilson family, ordinary Americans who find themselves targeted by aggressive and murderous look-alikes. Although Peele revitalized the niche subgenre, other films resembling We in likeness dominated the late 80s and 90s. There aren’t many copycat films to choose from, as the notion itself is creatively limiting. However, it’s not completely dead there.

The thing has been mentioned among the scariest movies about lookalikes, impersonators, or otherworldly creatures pretending to be human. The success of John Carpenter horrorwhich took place four years after Halloween, tells the story of an alien being who crash-lands on Earth and begins to hunt its inhabitants, only for them to realize that the shape-shifting creature can take the form of its victims. After mentioning that they “liked” The thinga certain Redditor asked for recommendations that share a similar premise.

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