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Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea Review: Exploring White Privilege in America

January 5, 2023

The post Hello, Privilege. This Is Me, Chelsea Review: Exploring White Privilege In America appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

Netflix Documentary Hello Privilege. It’s me Chelsea will be received in two ways; it will either be pushed aside by the public or hailed as an insightful discussion that needs more limelight. Ironically, at the start of the Netflix documentary, a young black woman tells Chelsea Handler that she was only able to make this feature film because she is white. In many ways, the young woman was right, so hailing Chelsea as an inspiration or doing a “good deed” for our upbringing would be somewhat myopic.

As its title suggests, Chelsea’s documentary centers on white privilege and how it has shaped American cultures today. Chelsea travels the country meeting various black communities, social commentators and white people who are openly racist but resist any suggestion of this face. Hello Privilege. It’s me Chelsea is a white person leading the way in raising awareness of white privilege and painfully odd writing.

As a subject, Hello Privilege. It’s me Chelsea is a documentary that peels the truth. When Chelsea Handler interviews a select group of white people at Oktoberfest, it’s abundantly clear that the far-right wingers refuse to acknowledge that their lives have reached a particular stage because of the color of their skin. It is horrifying that many of these people have refused to acknowledge any problems in America, despite the fact that systematic racism has structured the United States for hundreds of years, bringing us to the landscape of today.

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Chelsea Handler balances the Netflix documentary by considering different voices, and even admits the white privilege she experienced and benefited from and, in some cases, gave her a lucky escape from prison. If a white person were ever to make this documentary, then Chelsea Handler, the outspoken, left-wing comedian who serves up tongue-in-cheek jokes and awkward silences, was truly the best person to direct it. Chelsea doesn’t care about jaded interviews or complex confrontations — as her weekly chat show suggests, she’s one of the most anti-Trump celebrities in America, and she’s proud of it.

I watched Hello Privilege. It’s me Chelsea at a convenient time because recently I went to a bachelor party. Every male in the group was white, and as the only non-white person in the group, I spent most of the holiday faked my frustration over an obvious racist comment or when a throwaway statement was made. What came to mind while watching this Netflix documentary is that these men I had the pleasure of drinking copious amounts of alcohol with were so committed to their white privilege that they didn’t didn’t know what racism was. During a meal, a friend shouted “Blackie” and when I raised my eyebrows, another member of the group shouted “It’s such a minefield!”. None of this group had the openness to consider a different scenario and wonder how they would have felt if the tables were turned – they didn’t consider it because of white privilege.

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Well, it was a segway, but I think this conversation needs to be discussed regularly, and the Netflix documentary Hello Privilege. It’s me Chelsea is another Netflix feature that highlights a broken division based on years of oppression.

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The post Hello, Privilege. This Is Me, Chelsea Review: Exploring White Privilege In America appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.