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Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy review – too long and disappointing

October 18, 2022

The Netflix stand-up comedy special Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy was released on October 18, 2022. Here’s our official review.

Gabriel Iglesias, also known as “Fluffy”, has been doing stand-up since he was 21 years old. Fast forward 25 years, he performed to a sold-out crowd at Dodgers Stadium for his third stand-up special, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy for netflix. Martin starts the special in the armchair; if you know the work of Iglesias, you know exactly who it is. Following this, we fly a car into space (is it F9) while “Also Sprach Zarathustra, op. 30″ plays in the background.

The stage is huge (we’re in a baseball stadium) and behind Iglesias is a massive cutout of his logo with two cutouts of his dogs. It really is an amazing atmosphere as the crowd is loud and Iglesias is quite emotional, to begin with. I really liked the opening and its scene is amazing.

I have a massive bone to pick up off the bat with this special that irritated me. I listened to Gabriel Iglesias on Podcast by Kevin Hart a few weeks ago, and he told the story during the pandemic, Netflix had approached him to do a special. So they lined up everything to do it in Texas, and with all the systems running, Iglesias ended up with COVID himself, shutting everything down. Now watch out, I heard this on Hart’s podcast, so when you watch the special, he gives the exact same story and kicks me out of the special right away. So sure some of you are hearing it for the first time, but don’t give away the material (which usually isn’t jokes or humor) if you’re going to do a big special about it.

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Another big issue to address was the run time of the stage. I’m not saying you won’t be entertained because Iglesias is an amazing storyteller, but a two hour run? You will need to break this into chunks to complete because the highs are high, but the lows are low. One of the biggest issues for me was Iglesias talking about cancel culture and the fact that he doesn’t do politics or religion or sports. However, in his special, he is quite political in several ways. So stay on one side or the other, but don’t announce that you won’t talk about things, but then talk about things.

One of my favorite parts of the special was about getting free stuff. We’ve all done something on social media where we tag a specific brand in hopes that they’ll send us something for free. Iglesias humorously says, “Yes, I’m rich, but that’s how you stay rich.” The other part that I loved was his story about the offensive boxer Canelo Álvarez. It wasn’t just that the story was funny, but the way he broke it down was brilliant.

Globally, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy is a special you’ll watch once and forget when it’s over. Iglesias does a great job of mixing stories and jokes, but due to the long runtime, the special weighs heavily on you. Still, I slightly recommend checking this one out.

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What did you think of the Netflix comedy special Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy? Comments below.

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