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Fans Are Going Crazy For Our First Look At The MCU’s Totally Reimagined Atlanteans

July 2, 2022

Move over, Aquaman, the MCU is about to introduce its own version of Atlantis. As Marvelites know, Namor the Submarine is king of the underwater kingdom in the House of Ideas universe, and we’re pretty sure he’ll be making his live-action debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While the studio has yet to officially confirm this, however, brand new merchandising art reveals our first look at a different Atlantean character ⁠— unveiling the merpeople’s reimagined design.

Specifically, this merchandising art offers a glimpse of how Atlantean supervillain Attuma will appear in wakanda forever. You might not think people would get excited about the D-list comic book foe, but in fact, they’re seriously excited to see the Atlanteans swimming across the screens in the sequel, because it looks like Marvel managed to find a completely original version for them. that should leave DC’s Atlanteans in the dust (or bubbles).